Checking back in!

Good evening everyone! I hope you are utilizing your rest day, whenever that may be, to its maximum potential! Work hard when it's time to work and rest hard when it's time to rest. I've stayed free from my personal computer for longer sessions as the weeks roll by simply because of the commitments that … Continue reading Checking back in!


Thankful for the Day

Mondays can be your best friend, you just have to do the heavy lifting... ...that means get the hell out of bed of your own accord! Turn up the music! Splash cold water on your face!   Set all the tiny things in your room to their proper position: -Make your bed -Clear your desk … Continue reading Thankful for the Day


The seconds are ticking away with fervor and all that I want to do is reach out and accomplish as many goals as possible. In this lifetime, each passing moment becomes more extraordinary and becomes ultimately priceless, we just need to pay attention. The yearning for new experiences eats away at my soul and I … Continue reading Patience