Healthy Change #4/ Accountability

Healthy Change #4 is where we join together and create community! The first three steps are to instill discipline and slowly shift your attitude about fitness and how to best achieve your goals. They are pretty generic, across the board, standard tips. At their core, they are also tips that can only be achieved individually … Continue reading Healthy Change #4/ Accountability


Barcelona, Spain

Bastions based brilliantly, built bravely but brutally broken. Butchered. And as always, action accentuates all articles as an artist acts aggressively, absently, absolute. Recover religiously, radiate radically,. Rushed, remote and relentless Cavalier chefs cooking, curving car cabbies checking checks, controlling controls. Eloquently edgy, excessive equations equalize entrances everywhere Loneliness lingers like loops. Let’s leave. Only … Continue reading Barcelona, Spain