The seconds are ticking away with fervor and all that I want to do is reach out and accomplish as many goals as possible. In this lifetime, each passing moment becomes more extraordinary and becomes ultimately priceless, we just need to pay attention. The yearning for new experiences eats away at my soul and I … Continue reading Patience


More content to come…

This year! This moment! I will be pushing out more content to this page. Without a doubt, I have let my passions for traveling, exploring, and writing become subdued and secondary to other tasks. But now I am ready to bring everything I have to engage my creative side and engage with you. If it's a … Continue reading More content to come…


3-3-2016 A love that knew no bound. He walked with a spirit profoundly quiet yet the whole world was inside him. Unimaginable, the grace of his vision. The sounds of the earth and the movement of his body Language Of the worlds resided in him and whisked around on the air. The air bent to … Continue reading 3-3-16