Things have been decent

Is it another morning of drowning in a little too much chaos? Or is it another morning of potential... Both questions have kept me weighed down for the last...five weeks. It's tough to weather the storm when the wind blows east one minute and then immediately west the next. How do you keep momentum towards … Continue reading Things have been decent


Gratitude 5.21.18

This morning I am grateful. I am grateful for sunny days. I am grateful for the cooling breezes. I am grateful to have new friends.   I am going to learn something new today because I love to learn. I am going to exercise my willpower and discipline by going on another 24-48 hour fast. … Continue reading Gratitude 5.21.18


The seconds are ticking away with fervor and all that I want to do is reach out and accomplish as many goals as possible. In this lifetime, each passing moment becomes more extraordinary and becomes ultimately priceless, we just need to pay attention. The yearning for new experiences eats away at my soul and I … Continue reading Patience