More content to come…

This year! This moment! I will be pushing out more content to this page. Without a doubt, I have let my passions for traveling, exploring, and writing become subdued and secondary to other tasks. But now I am ready to bring everything I have to engage my creative side and engage with you. If it's a … Continue reading More content to come…


Healthy Change #3

Get that heart rate up!!!   The next step to implement on top of what has been discussed previously in a journey to a healthier you is getting your heart rate up. We all know exercise is important yet I cannot believe that there still exists a small percentage of the population that refutes the … Continue reading Healthy Change #3

Healthy Change #1

Alright friends, taking the first step to a healthier life begins now! Increase your WATER intake!!! I encourage you to do your own research but let me start you off here with this great site, Change must start slow. Extremely slow. It starts out as a tiny snowball, you begin rolling it and it starts … Continue reading Healthy Change #1