Things have been decent

Is it another morning of drowning in a little too much chaos?

Or is it another morning of potential…

Both questions have kept me weighed down for the last…five weeks. It’s tough to weather the storm when the wind blows east one minute and then immediately west the next. How do you keep momentum towards your goals if, really, you feel like you aren’t making progress?

My journaling has been decent. My meditation has been decent. My diet has been decent. My running has been tolerable. My lifts are getting stronger. My life has been neutral. My “bursts” of urgency has been exactly that…just bursts..I’m just waiting to get out of town.

Find a renewal from hiking in the mountains, sit next to a running river, breathe the air of nature, think about people and what small missions we all assign ourselves everyday.

The Struggle is decent but Struggle is tough. Struggle gives me the opportunity to look up but it also keeps me bolted down to Earth. Finding balance is and can be troublesome.







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