Healthy Change #4/ Accountability

Healthy Change #4 is where we join together and create community!

The first three steps are to instill discipline and slowly shift your attitude about fitness and how to best achieve your goals. They are pretty generic, across the board, standard tips. At their core, they are also tips that can only be achieved individually (#3 could be debated).

Why is it important to have community?

When we buckle down and earnestly desire physical change in our personal lives, we sign up for a new set of problems.

The “voice” begins to stir when you actively seek change in your life. The “voice” reminds you that it will not be worth your time. The “voice” seeks homeostasis, frankly speaking.

The “voice” is hesitation, fear, self-doubt, negativity. The voice is the wall you must breakthrough, the obstacle you must cast aside if you are truly going to get where you are going.


When it comes to a fitness, there are groups everywhere; cycling, running, lifting, yoga, swimming, hiking, climbing. There are numerous groups out there, and for good reason. Community instills accountability and inspiration. No matter how great or fit you think you have become, there will always be someone better than you. Conversely, there are times when you are better than those around you. When you have a community, you understand where you are, where you’ve been and where you could be.

The crucial point though is finding the right community. If you are at the top of your group, then you have outgrown your surroundings. Stay humble and help those still working to your level, but also set your sights to a higher standard.

If and when you fall into the treacherous pitfall of the ego, when you believe that you’ve achieved your status alone without the help of others, then life will soon come knocking down your door and possibly give you the rudest awakening.

There are things we achieve individually, but that percentage is quite small in the grand scheme of life. Those personal achievements should not be silenced by any means, but you cannot parade it around for the world to see as your only means of self-worth.


If you have a difficult time finding community and your search is coming up short, then reach out to me. I will be a part of your community and you will be a part of mine. Don’t let your progress plateau because you could not find community.


In fitness,





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