Saying “No” to Hesitation and Fear!

It’s time I reconnected with what truly matters in my life! I have found the energy, inspiration, and focus I’ve been lacking since school ended in May.

It would be a damn shame if I didn’t put effort into sharing what I’ve learned or at least attempt to put my thoughts into the web spaces for some to read. For my quality number of readers, I appreciate you and am thankful for you being here. To my fellow writers, I am always looking to reach out and read your works, share my thoughts, or even edit alongside you. We get more out of community than we often tend to credit.


So what have I learned in this last month and a half?

  1. Laziness leads to inaction and prolonged inaction can send you into a “feedback loop from hell”. It’s a nasty trap to find yourself in and if left alone, it will constantly sap your energy and ruin your outlook on the world around you. Putting off what can be done this moment and this instant for some other pleasure you believe to be equal (it’s not equivalent) sows the seeds of laziness. You’ll start questioning the validity if what you were going to do was even worth it. It’s better to accomplish what you set out to do and then indulge in the easier task.
  2. Family is a great thing and being in their presence can reveal many traits and characteristics about YOU. If you believe yourself to be truly patient and understanding, then spend a day (or three) with family you haven’t seen in some time. Every moment has a learning opportunity. I’ll just leave it at that.
  3. No one wants to hang out with an asshole. Assholes manipulate and redirect blame, never taking responsibility. Assholes also have the hardest time accepting compromise, and I’m not referring to compromising on your values or morals. They conflate self-confidence with rudeness and rage and believe that’s the best method to get what they want. For people who self-identify as “Assholes”, I have a few things to tell you. Other people will determine if you are an asshole or not. You can’t simply say you’re not an asshole and that’s the end of that, it doesn’t work like that. And if you truly don’t believe me and are adamant about sticking to your “asshole” identity, I simply ask, “Why?”
  4. Writing immensely clears my head of all the clutter just as a runner gets his/her runners “high” or a lifter putting in work at the gym. It’s cleansing and necessary when we are constantly bombarded with social media, non-stop advertisements for the next bullshit XYZ product/service or the newest Trump headline. For a while, I had much to say but I stayed away from posting/publishing it anywhere. I kept to my own head and a few private conversations. Inaction had a huge part to do with it. Inaction led to my hesitation and fear about projecting myself into the world through writing. It took 12 days but I vacated my immediate surroundings and opted to be homeless in my car as I took a road trip across the country from Oklahoma to California. I found beautiful, relaxing and sublime sights in Yosemite National Park. I found great conversation and support from my extended family and friends out of state. In short, I finally got back to my passion, traveling!
  5. Compassion and patience can take a person very far in life and it is constantly something I put in the forefront of my mind. If you will let me share with you the same mission, then I think that the individuals around us, strangers, friends and family alike, will all benefit. We have a choice every day of how we interact with those around us and I am certain that by practicing patience, then compassion follows as well. If anything, they go hand in hand in developing who we are.






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