Powering Down

Hey friends,

just a very short post for this week as I am enjoying being disconnected from the Internet (as much as I can be) and social media for the weekend.

I deleted my Snapchat again for the 25th time,  kept my distance from Facebook, and Tweeted less.

As much as I enjoy reading content from the internet, it’s pretty damn hard to beat an old-fashioned book or a newspaper. My book or my newspaper never runs out of battery, therefore it is far superior to any Kindle or Nook or E-reader. Sure, your Kindle can hold 1000+ books, but it’s damn useless without a charge. Relieve yourself of constant technology stimulus and enjoy your surroundings!

In short, get out and read a book, chat with a friend, build a bar stool (as I am working on), start a hands-on project, drink some bourbon straight from a glass (no frilly, sugary mixers or add-ins) ((Bitters are approved)).


In real life,



Image: Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland


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