Minimalism in a “New” direction

Allow me to me take the concept of minimalism to a different degree for a moment. This may be interpreted as a religious/spiritual post, which is fine, but I believe it can also guide someone looking for minimalism to be a bigger part of their life in the right direction.  If you will indulge me … Continue reading Minimalism in a “New” direction


Health Change Tip #2

ZZZzzzzzzZZZzzz Friends, it's time to implement the next phase to a healthier you! SLEEP is extremely important to your health, both mentally and physically. Having a routine sleeping schedule ensures that Your mental faculties are operating in good condition. Your body is recovering well from whatever physical activity you've engaged in the day before (work, … Continue reading Health Change Tip #2

Healthy Change #1

Alright friends, taking the first step to a healthier life begins now! Increase your WATER intake!!! I encourage you to do your own research but let me start you off here with this great site, Change must start slow. Extremely slow. It starts out as a tiny snowball, you begin rolling it and it starts … Continue reading Healthy Change #1