Dynamic Change: A Start in Minimalism

A new topic has taken over my mind lately. The concept of Minimalism. What does it mean? What does it entail? Why the hell should I be interested? These are the questions that I am facing at this very moment.

I have been reading a lot into the purpose of Minimalism.

To reimagine our often unnecessary desires back to basic necessities. As a society today, we are spoon-fed a “need” for more things. I need a specific pair of shoes for this event, I need a new car because mine is three years old.

I need, I need, I need.

It just isn’t cutting it for me anymore. I’m tired of placing so much value into such stupid and trivial things.

I have been subtly inserting this idea of Minimalism into my daily conversations. I want to see how people react when I introduce drastic changes into their minds. I have discussions where I talk about how making a six-figure salary would be great but not very important, just to see how people respond.

To this point, it has been very negative.

I don’t mean to criticize those around me but I truly believe that something’s got to give.

I am tired of feeling disappointed when I don’t have the next big thing.

Tired of seeing people make mistakes with their lives just so 10 years down the line they can make some money. They fill every portion of their day with stress to achieve a set of goals that have essentially been predetermined (by consumer culture) for them.

I don’t want to discourage anyone from doing what they love or owning nice and valuable things but rather, I want to incite change about our relationship with our belongings.

If not in those around me, then just within myself. It is going to be a tough project, reinventing the way that I value my surroundings. I feel that it is necessary, though.

I have now spent four years of my life in college, albeit for good purpose, but my motives have been misaligned this whole time. If we can reevaluate our overflowing desires into just a few necessities, then we can unburden ourselves from clutter and stress. Even now, as I have barely been introduced to Minimalism, I feel a sense of relief. Rather than worry about getting a job in the future so I can buy a new car or house, I can relax and think about earning a job for the sole purpose of being content with what I have and with who I am.

Small change is the first step I suppose.

At this point, I’ve only begun my journey. If we’re being honest, I have no clue what I am talking about. Maybe I am just lying to myself and I’ll return to my old ways in a few days. But at the very least I have piqued my own curiosity. I have a few select people I can rely on for support and it seems that the point of writing all of this is, at the end of the day, to express my thoughts and set these ideas in stone. As far as my writing goes, I recognize it is quite lackluster. Hopefully, anybody and everybody who sees this can critique me, talk to me, and most of all inspire me.

I urge you all to keep coming back to Swap918. If we can continue our dialogue then we will all be better off. In unison, as writers and readers, Minimalism can be a key tenet in our lives.

— Brady S


2 thoughts on “Dynamic Change: A Start in Minimalism

  1. I’m working on beginning a life of minimalism – and remembering the way life felt when “stuff” wasn’t nearly as important, and I’ll tell you – I think it’s life-changing. Looking forward to seeing how it goes for you!


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