Minimal only in Belongings, not in Thought

De-clutter your life and inner peace will reach you. The type of inner peace that cannot be named only pointed to. The type of inner peace that you want to share with everyone but realize it must start within yourself first.

Minimalism begins in the mind, it’s an awakening that systematically rejects materialism. There is no age requirement, there is no status prerequisite, there is only you and what you choose to allow in your life.

All minimalism requires of you is that you start valuing what already exists around you. Do not buy into the ideas of mass marketing or consumerism blindly. Look for the essence of worth in everything.

Start by giving away or throwing away unnecessary things. Now I’m not saying throw or give away only nice things or only “bad” things, simply unnecessary things.

Owning 3 can openers is not necessary. Owning three gray suits is unnecessary (can you really wear more than one of them at once?) Owning three cars is definitely out of this conversation (Once again, can you really drive three cars at once? Hell, I see people all the time who can’t even drive one car at a time!). Owning an Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo are unnecessary. 10 pairs of shoes!? yikes.The list can go on and on and it varies from person to person.

Simply put, discard items that are extraneous, superfluous and elicit no deep value. Items that, once are gone, you never feel compelled to think about them again and you slowly (I mean slowly) begin to understand that they never did have inherent value.

This is the anti-hoarder spirit with the end goal being true contentment from owning belongings that have true value and serve you well. No more and no less.

There are times when it is useful to have things for contingent situations (emergencies, survival, traveling, camping, hiking) and I recognize that but isn’t that the value in and of itself? Items that fall under these situations already possess utility from the beginning do they not? If you are a person who recognizes that, then maybe you’re in tune with minimalism more than you credit yourself with.

What has it done for me?

Over the past year and a half, it has given me clarity and has allowed me to weigh opportunities (to own things) appropriately. My mood has lightened up, I feel an ease of burden on my shoulders, I have less to clean, I have less to pack whenever I travel, I spend more time in the moment and I enjoy the people I am with more.


Thank you for taking a chance on me and reading this far. Not just on this particular post, but my previous posts as well (maybe you’re keeping it to a minimum though and just reading the Minimalism section, you got me there.) There will be more content every week, not only from myself but close friends and peers.

Until next time,

Look for the bare necessities.

The simple bare necessities.

Forget about your worries and your strife.

-Andy T





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