It starts now

Get up and get going!

Focus on your health now or it will, inevitably, come back to bite you in the ass later on in life.

There is so much garbage out there on the internet and I will be the first to say that I am no expert. My aim is to share quality insight, knowledge, personal experiences and philosophies that I’ve conducted thoroughly with care (most of the time) and attention.

With that being said, there is also sound information out there on the internet. There are many experts and professionals, I encourage you to seek them out in tandem to checking in with us here at Swap918. I welcome all conversations and thoughts in regards to health; be it physical, spiritual, emotional, or psychological.  It can and will be a learning experience for us both.


Why do I care so much?

Our livelihood literally depends on it. There cannot be a conversation of any other subsequent topic unless we, first, have the physical ability to engage in it.

Think about it.

There are times when your body becomes so ill that you are forcibly bed-ridden. Common, trivial tasks become difficult and they sap you of what little energy you currently possess. There are also times of great physical damage to your body that require immense repair, and you can bet your bottom dollar that rest is the only way to get back on track.

Understanding your body physically is only a portion of the whole equation.

A well-regulated diet reduces stress and runs your body efficiently (especially when it comes to exercising). John knows it, Jane knows it, Stacy knows it, Seth knows it, we all know it.

Yet, the conversation of health never goes away for long. Why is that? There is so much science behind healthy living and so much testing has been conducted on healthy lifestyles. There isn’t a lack of information out there, I believe there probably is a little too much information out there!

This sounds like a preaching post, I get it, you’ve probably heard or have encountered all aspects of this discussion as long as you can remember.

You might be asking yourself, “well where does Andy get his authority from? What kind of physical shape is he in? Why should I believe him at all?!”

That’s not my point, I simply want to lay the foundation and attune your mindset that a healthier and stronger lifestyle is the only way to thrive.

None of this “I love the way my curves are…” or “Plus size is not a reflection of my character…” or “How dare you judge me or my character before even knowing my story.”

There’s no room for it. There’s no time. Plain and simple.

I’m not blind.

I acknowledge there are factors and situations out there that exist beyond our control.

Control is an expansive concept all on its own. In terms of physical well-being, there is no one size fits all. There is no one diet fits all.

But here are a few things I know to be true.

I can control my intake;

I can control how much water I drink, which sodas I do or do not want, which alcohols I choose to indulge in;

I can control what proteins, carbs or fats to eat;

I can control who I surround myself with;

I can control what information to digest when it appears before me.


I have a vision for myself. I think long-term and can see where I want to be. By reading this I hope to impart with you a vision for your own healthy life. Check back to Swap918 often as I will post tips, articles (from myself and my peers), diet plans and workouts.




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